E-Paper Display Market – Split On The Basis Of Technologies And Regions

E-paper technology or Electronic paper technology is used for the convenience of e-book readers. The E-paper display market has expanded in the past years. This has happened with thriving improvements in E-paper display instruments. The advantages provided by E-paper technology are inclusive of reduced power utilization and readability in sunlight. This leads to improved performance of E-paper displays.

Technology with respect to E-paper displays has the ability to contend with reputable and fully-developed display technologies. There is an augmentation in the implementation of E-paper displays by the makers of client electronic instruments. This is owing to the performance advantages provided by such displays. The E-paper display market includes two categories.

These are technologies and geographies. The technologies market includes electrochromic, electrophoretic, electrowetting, cholesteric LCD and others. The geographies E-paper display market consists of Europe, rest of the world, Asia Pacific and North America. The worldwide market is anticipated to produce income worth about USD 5.6 billion by 2015.

It is expected to notice about 25 percent CAGR from 2010 to 2015. The market is propelled ahead, mainly by escalating E-readers and rising client electronic instruments. Moreover, growing investments made by producers with regard to new production plants are also increasing the demand for the E-paper display market.

The coming up of new simple-to-hold display instruments and boost in demand for on-the-move data are the other drivers of the E-paper display market. The expansion of this market is reliant on client recognition of digital content. Rising demand for E-paper displays in consumer and application markets is also predicted to drive the E-paper display market ahead.