Africa Cyber Security Market – Likely At 10 Percent CAGR From 2014-2019

The Africa cyber security market is anticipated to rise from near about USD 95.5 billion in 2014 to USD 155.7 billion by 2019. It is expected to record a CAGR of around 10 percent during 2014-2019. On account of nations, South Africa is estimated to be the biggest market with regard to income. The developing regions of Nigeria and Morocco are predicted to undergo augmented balance with high CAGRs through the forecast phase.

Cyber security refers to keeping computer networks safe from malicious activities and unauthorized access. The various significant factors that drive the demand for the Africa cyber security market are rising governmental policies and conformity needs regarding cyber security in the region. Increased infiltration of mobile appliances and subscription to the world wide web are also projected to steer the Africa cyber security market forward.

Acceleration of high-tech cyber attacks in Africa has led organizations around the region to spend heavily on the market. This has caused the implementation of cyber security measures. It has helped steer clear of dangers in relation to the infrastructure and economy of the region. Rising cyber threats in Africa and augmented terrorism activities via the internet have also boosted the Africa cyber security market.

The other prime factor, positively influencing the Africa cyber security market includes the fast implementation of cloud supported services and cordless interactions. Apart from the above, harsh governmental directives regarding cyber safety and boosting cyber crimes in public utilities in Africa are also anticipated to drive the sales of the Africa cyber security market.

The worldwide market is segregated on account of five categories. These are kinds, solutions, services, consumer sectors and geographical regions. Accelerated demand for cyber safety in the sectors of defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunication, IT consulting, retail, etc is also projected to increase the demand for the Africa cyber security market.

Boost in highly-developed online threats by specialized adversaries is estimated to expand the market too.