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Industry Overview

Technological up gradation and innovation in the telecom & IT industry has dramatically increased. It has now encompassed a more varied number of players than before. In the present market scenario and in order to deal with the competition, current telecoms are undergoing a drastic internal changes as well as external changes in the form of changes in rules, changing market trends in customer demand, changes in digital contents and introduction of new techniques. This change needs large capital investments in deployment of next generation services and also a basic shift in the telecom approach and business model.

These days, telecom & IT industry comprises internet, software, telephony, application, support services, contents and hardware provided by identities that range from top corporate firms to startup firms and sole software developers as well as open source systems. The relevant applications and contents are integral components of the propositional value.

Every firm in the telecom & IT market sector is in search of unmet industries with new items having enhanced features. In the same manner, we observe explosion of information on social networking sites or social media which are key cause of concerns for CMOs and CIOs globally. Social networking websites and social conversion sites are providing marketers a constant data stream of inbound information. But marketers require refined and advanced exploratory abilities to scrutinize, categorize and produce patterns from all the online redundancy. Product teams as well as enterprises have not just to analyze industry requirements but constantly detect the competitors for better market awareness.