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26 Mar

Global Alcopop Market Professional Survey Report 2018

The report Alcopop emphasizes in depth know-how the global market. The report provides extensive researches on market drivers, restrains, opportunities, request factors, market size, conjectures, and patterns influencing the global market over the given time period. Besides, Alcopop also gives overview of the technological boon and bane affecting the market and also includes in-depth analysis of major players operating in the market.

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15 Feb

Global Agave Syrup Market Professional Survey Report 2018

This report studies Agave Syrup in Global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2012 to 2016, and forecast to 2022.

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08 Jan

Asia-Pacific Dried Apricots Market Report 2018

In this report, the Asia-Pacific Dried Apricots market is valued at USD XX million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of XX% between 2017 and 2025.

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Global Food & Beverages Market Analysis

The global food retail sales produced more than 4 trillion dollars each year. The market has evolved greatly during last 20 years due to technical modernizations keeping pace with rising demand for convenience foods. Food retail is led by firms of European Union as well as United States increasing their industry share in developing economies. Small dealers across these regions contribute for an enhanced market share of sales of food. Food producers are creating particular item lines to remain competitive and direct growth rather than conventional approach of diversifying product portfolios.

The food market includes many food sections that includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, seafood, fishes, luxury foods, snacks, organic foods, meat, packaged foods, poultry, cereal based items, sauces and condiments as well as functional foods like nutraceutical and vitamins.

The global beverages market was predicted to observe the slow rate of growth of less than two percent every year between 2010 and 2015 as per the reports provided by an authentic source. Items produced by beverages market includes juice, syrups, bottled water, still drinks, energy drinks, tea, coffee, fruit powders, sports drinks and alcoholic drinks like cider, beer, spirits and wine.

Beverages producers enhance speed of production owing to which the prices are lowered and the market continues to become growingly effective favoring its development and expansion.

Key Market Sections

Demand for frozen food was predicted to stimulate the market to more than 228000 million by the end of year 2015 as per the reports provided by a reputed market research firm. Meat leads the section at more than forty percent of the total market value. European Union holds close about 38% of the total market share.

 The global industry for muscle food packaging that includes seafood, poultry packaging and meat is predicted to cross 31 billion dollars mark by the end of year 2017 as per the global market analysts. Technical modernizations, good packaging practices and packaging facilitates lower portions propel the market growth.

The global lactic market was expected to touch almost about 329 dollar thousand metric tons by the end of year 2015 as per the reports provided by global market analysts. The dairy industry is propelled by the end use industry demand and new item uses. The market has fared the world financial crises well by displaying strong growth.

The global fruit and vegetable juice industry of beverages market was predicted to touch almost about 65 billion liters by the end of year 2015 as per the global market analysts. Natural beverages that are manufactured without additives are in forefront of the fruit and vegetable juice industry sector. Firms are adjusting to customer demands by utilizing organic constituents and fortifying their items with constituents like vitamins, fibers, minerals, probiotics and sterols. Diet drinks industry comprise of yet another active market sector that fulfills the customers demand who are faced with problems of health like obesity and diabetes.

The global beer market section comprising of cider and flavored alcoholic drinks produced market sales about more than 585 billion dollars in year 2010 as per the reports provided by a reputed market research firm. Market expansion and growth was predicted to remain constant at an annual growth rate of about 1.5% through year 2015, making industry value close to about 630 billion dollars by the end of year 2015.

The global soft drinks industry was evaluated at about 504 billion dollars in year 2010 as per the reports provided by a reputed market research firm. Carbonates had dominated the market section with industry sales crossing 204 billion dollars in year 2010.

The global spirits industry section had expanded greater than three percent in year 2010. It was also expected that the industry will cross 306 billion dollar mark in year 2015. European Union held close about fifty percent of the global spirits industry.

Geographical Market Share

This industry is growingly exploring multibillion dollar business avenues in emerging business market sectors of Latin America and APAC region. While matured markets display a trend towards natural organically sourced food & beverages , a demand for processed ready to eat foods or processed ready to drink beverages is growing in developing countries. People are now in search of natural substitutes and prefer them more as compared to artificial flavors.

Producers in food & beverages market sector function on high sales output combined with lower margins of profits which are the profit imperatives. This is where the densely populated areas of growing economies like China, Brazil, India and Russia come into limelight.

Low margins of profits and compliance to strict government rules are going to pose a stiff challenge for the expansion and growth of food & beverages industry. Further the market is also required to address the issues of grave concerns like food & beverages security, environment, quality and health& hygiene of the society as a whole.

Industry Overview

An enhancing world population and a trend towards convenience food continues to push the food market forward. Changing consumer habits and food culture trends mean different tastes that enhance the demand for ethnic foods and new formats like microwaveable food items. Demand crosses supply in few of the food industry sectors like lactic acid in market applications of food and beverages industry. As food costs continue to increase due to rising oil costs and drought in grain producing areas, food scarcity has become a cause of primary concern in the global food market.

USA leads in food production followed by China, Russia and India. Greenhouse effects and issues like global warming will result in growth and expansion of organic foods as well as green packaging. The food industry is expected to focus more on security measures followed by future health risks caused due to food like food poisoning and mad cow disease.

Beverages market research displays various sections within the market predicted to grow in future due to various aspects. The coffee industry which was affected by global recession is expected to observe heavy sales growth in future. The sales of the coffee market will also benefit from an expanding Hispanic customer base.

The global tea market will witness mergers and acquisitions propelling the expansion and growth of the niche organic tea brands.

The world fruit and vegetable juices market sector is highly divided and competitive with a wider base of small and big firms.

Growth and expansion across all the market sections of the beverage market will come partially from sensitivity to customer health concerns. Firms will continue to vary their product portfolios to provide organic, diet and fortified drinks for the health conscious customer. A change in customer demographic sketch is expected to witness an increasing demand in nations like China, India and Russia.