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Global Biotechnology Market Analysis

The worldwide biotechnology market was forecasted to cross 3,20,000 million dollar mark by end of year 2015 as per the reports provided by global market analysts. Industrial growth is propelled by economic recovery, enhanced research & development funding, biotechnology and government initiatives utilized in medical sciences and agriculture. Emerging economies like India and China are becoming key business market sectors in the fields of industrial biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology.

The economic crises adversely affected the biotechnology industry and brought decline in profits in European Union and USA owing to limited wealth inflows and projects delay or cancellation. The industry has entered the recovery stage with most of the biotechnology outfits producing profits due to new cost effective and money saving measures.

Business funding is on the rise on the flipside of more positive financial conditions, although this funding is focused in a less proportion of bigger outfits. Smaller firms are still struggling to increase research and development funds. The condition is predicted to increase as venture capitalists exercise higher caution in looking for more secured investment choices.

Key Market Sections


The global genetic testing market was predicted to touch 4000 million dollar mark by the end of year 2015. Genetic testing for cancer is predicted to observe one of the highest rates of growth, getting specific interest from private section and scientific population at large. Direct to customer genetic testing is a market section that is expected to take off with most of the new outfits on the industry. Industry shapers includes deCODE and 23andme.

Geographical Market Share

United States of America dominated the worldwide biotechnology market. It was succeeded by European Union which included developed countries like France, Germany, UK and Spain as per the reports provided by global market analysts. Emerging economies such as India and China are predicted to register strong growth in industrial biotechnology as well as in agricultural biotechnology markets owing to rise in levels of disposable incomes and rise in population. Both these Asian nations are playing growingly vital part in the market of biotechnology medicines and drugs on the flipside of relatively low financial investment accompanied by high expertise level.

Industry Overview

As per the global market analysts the growth in the global biotechnology market is predicted to be stimulated by enhanced healthcare services, improved healthcare infrastructure and rising interests of private sector industries in making maximum utilization of information technology to carry out their tasks, work & daily job activities. It is predicted that there merger and acquisitions events are likely to grow in future. It will be stimulated by blockbuster medicine patent expiration and healthcare rules put in place to regulate expenditure. Minor outfits are expected to divest their businesses to bigger outfits or depend upon in-licensing partnerships with more monetarily secured outfits owing to investment restrictions.

Technical modernizations, increase in stringent rules, public awareness and intellectual property rights are few of the aspects that will positively affect the biotechnology segment. Biotechnology uses and applications will continue to rise along with agricultural sector, medical sector, environmental sciences section, health sector and food segment as key end use domain segments .

Business investments in biotechnology sector will constantly strive and aim at making new medical discoveries, make new breakthroughs in methods of medical treatments and use or apply new methods of treatments in field medical research & development. This sector is led by specializations in field of inflammation, oncology and cardiology. Curative categories which includes hormone treatment and treatment for diabetes will receive enhanced focus from companies involved in business of biotechnology in relation and response to growing demand for these treatments from biotechnology market sectors .